Qualified Painters

TRI-MEX is a leading commercial painting company. We offer high quality painting to a broad range of industries in Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley. We believe every painting project requires attention to safety and other details like surface prep, paint application and material’s long-term durability. Our professional painters in Corpus Christi are trained to safely handle any size project without disrupting your business.

We always give a unique and appealing finish to your building. We paint on your schedule, not ours. We strive to meet your goals.

Painting Contractor

Commercial Painting Company

Selecting the right Commercial Painting company to handle your next project can go a long way in promoting your business and positioning you for success.

If you hire our professional team, they will paint with premium quality coatings that protect the structure from natural aging, dangerous weather, etc. Ensure that your next painting project, no matter how large or complex, is treated by the best in the industry like TRI-MEX.

We are a client-focused company that strives to meet our client’s needs. We have earned a justified reputation for exceptional service and remarkable attention to detail. You will receive our genuine desire to make every project better than the last because our dedicated experts at our commercial painting company always consider your perspective.

Efficient Process

Efficient Process

When you think about repainting your commercial building, you have to consider both time and money. To relieve you of the stress, you need to hire qualified commercial painters that guarantee the best outcome for the job. Most of the time, the resulting disappointment cannot be blamed on the weather situation, paint quality, or the painter’s work, but the choice of cheaper, non-professional painters. Unlike amateurs, our commercial painters are experienced with having the necessary knowledge along with skill level to back it up. They understand the necessity of providing consistency in quality service, project management, and pricing. That is the reason we ensure suitable end-to-end solutions for all your commercial painting needs.

Improving the Functionality of your Building

Most people consider painting to be a purely decorative matter. However, it is not all about looks. Your interior painting can dramatically enhance the ambient lighting for added safety and productivity. If you choose protective coatings, it adds years to the life of structures by providing boundaries to damaging UV rays and harmful corrosive exposure. Our expert team has proper knowledge, and know what works on your building.

We have dedicated, high quality painters that provide clients with the latest application techniques, project customization, and an extensive selection in durable coatings. Our crews work at your convenience. No shutdown of your business is required. We have been doing this for over 38 years. We are the trustworthy painting company you need to make your building shine and business grow.